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Fundraising Cruises: Fun Raising Money!

Did you know that cruises are the perfect way to raise money for the cause that is so dear to your heart?  If you are on a fundraising committee of a charitable organization, you should consider having your Cruise Holidays experts organize a fundraising cruise. 

Here is how it works:  

As your partner, your Cruise Holidays expert will want to gain an understanding of your charity, its objectives, main contributors, etc.  With that information, together we'll pick a cruise that ties in with the charity's objectives.  For example: 

  • If your organization fights breast cancer, we may suggest a cooperation with a cruise line that organizes breast cancer walks while at sea. 
  • If you support a zoo, why not travel to a destination where you can see some of the animals in real life?  
  • Involved with an art institute or museum?  How about a cruise to see Michelangelo's treasures in Florence and Rome? 

The options are endless.

Next we'll work together to communicate the information about your cruise to the members and donors of your organization and encourage them to join the cruise.   We can build in a donation as part of the cruise fare.  We can also organize silent auctions before and during the cruise. 

Not only will your group members know that they are making a difference to the charity, this is also a perfect time to create that community feeling that is so important in charitable work.

In addition, we work with cruise lines that will make contributions for each stateroom occupied by a member/donor of the charity.

At the end of your cruise, think how satisfied you will be when you can hand a check to your charity!  An example: 50 couples traveling on a one-week charity cruise:

Just think how many sidewalk sales, lottery tickets or cookies you'd have to sell to earn this much money for your organization?

Call your Cruise Holidays expert at (312) 266 7447 or toll-free at (888) 744 7397 to discuss your options today.

 $150 mark-up per person $ 15,000
 $ 50 cruise line contribution per stateroom $   2,500
Onboard silent auctionVaries
 Onboard  $ 17,500