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Incentive Cruises: Travel, The Best Motivator

When did you last hear someone boast about the set of steak knives they won? 

Surveys prove what common sense dictates: the prospect of a fantastic, fun and unique trip is still the best way to motivate people!  Group travel creates memories,  stimulates team cohesion and - best of all - encourages your employees or clients to achieve the goals you set

Whether you are looking to improve sales, raise quality standards, or simply say thank you for a job well done, an incentive cruise is an excellent way to give recognition where it's due. 

Here is how it works:  

As your partner, your Cruise Holidays expert will want to gain an understanding of your organization and your objectives.  With that information, together we'll design a program that covers:

  • Goal setting
  • Measuring of progress
  • Cruise selection, negotiation and administration
  • Program budget
  • Marketing and buzz creation
  • Ongoing communication and incentive winner announcements
  • Administration and onboard event management
  • Follow-up and feedback

A cruise not only offers you the facilities of a land-based resort and more, but also provides your winners with an opportunity to travel to multiple exotic destinations that might have been out of reach otherwise.

With meals, meeting rooms, event spaces and entertainment included in your cruise fare, a cruise tends to be less expensive and more "unique" than a trip to a land based resort. 

When set up correctly, an incentive program can be self-supporting.  Let the experts at Cruise Holidays help you achieve your company goals.

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